Project Mtoto

Baby Operations
Project Mtoto is aimed at encouraging an enthusiastic attitude towards education in girls aged 3-10 years old. We conducted learning activities tailored to the syllabi of the subjects that our girls study in school.


The girls learnt English through interactive group-based activities such as alphabet treasure hunts and Duck, Duck, Goose. This, coupled with penmanship and writing exercises helped our girls understand and apply their English skills in their school work and daily interactions.


By using games such as Flappy Fish and Beach Ball Math. The girls' got the opportunity to practice their math skills as well as reinforce their foundation in the subject.


Science was all about experiential learning! Theories came to life for our girls as they experimented through planting their own seeds, and learnt about the weather cycle through activities that helps to visualize the natural phenomenons.


We tapped into the creative element of our girls through arts and crafts such as finger painting and self portraits. Lessons on personal presentation were also conducted, teaching the girls hygiene, self expression and confidence. 
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Project Maisha

Project Life
The overarching aim of the project is to equip the girls aged 10-12 with practical skills that will serve them well in the home and to prepare them for life upon graduation. The team has focused on four types of hard and soft skills, namely cooking, sewing, computer literacy and personal presentation.


The girls learnt how to prepare simple dishes using ingredients that are readily available to them. However, we encouraged them to be more creative by exposing them to unique preparation methods.


The girls were already familiar with the running stitch to mend their clothing, so we introduced the whip and back stitches to their repertoire.

Computer Literacy

The girls were taught how to type and use software like Microsoft Word to build their computer literacy and competency.

Personal Presentation

In this programme, the girls were required to teach other standards either cooking, sewing or computer skills. Through peer tutoring, the value of sharing and sharing knowledge was impressed upon the girls.

Project Kuhamasisha

Project Inspire
Project Kuhamasisha guides the oldest girls (aged 13-16) in the home towards taking ownership of their education, as well as their lives, after they leave OLGH.

University Mentorship Programme

Dynamic local young speakers were a relatable and engaging voice as they spoke to the girls on a wide range of themes with the purpose of not only inspiring but challenging the girls to develop themselves further and aim higher.

Career Explorer

We exposed the girls to over 10 different Kenyan job industries through short presentations as well as hands-on activities. We hope ignite a spark within our girls and give them something to strive towards.

Cultural Building

 Using of the pockets of time in the morning before school, we aimed to impart quick life lessons. In our hope to facilitate our girls' understanding of the life values, these lessons were aligned to self-awareness activities. 

Self-Awareness Programme

We closed the loop of communication with the girls by offering them a safe haven to relay their own thoughts and concerns to us during heart to heart sharing sessions.
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Members Initiatives

Varying annually, our members come up with new initiatives that expose our girls to relevant skills. These are aimed at developing our girls and preparing them for adulthood.
In 2019, our Members Initiatives were Sports and Entrepreneurship. 

School Spirit

We sought to foster a sense of school pride amongst the girls through the use of sports such as netball and football. The younger girls also participated in an engaging relay race.


Through sports, including football, volleyball, handball and netball, we sought to enhance girls' self-discipline and concentration. Furthermore, we trained the girls to prepare for school tournaments to apply techniques through games settings.


The girls explored the concept of entrepreneurship. After going through all lessons, the girls formed teams to come up with a small business plan, applying what they have learnt so far.

Night Tuition

We provided guidance to the girls as they completed their daily homework. We also provided resources as well as facilitated a conducive environment to enable effective revision.